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Q1: Do I need to have any previous experience in any of the activities?

No previous experience is necessary except for Night Rafting and Outdoor horse riding. Our instructors all have training skills and will guide you through each activity.

Q2: What if I don’t feel like participating in a certain activity?

You are not obliged to take part in all the activities. Our instructors can guide and encourage you, however, you will not be pressured into participate in anything outside your comfort zone.

Q3: How physically fit do I have to be?

Most of the activities require a basic fitness level. Some activities are more challenging, but none require you to be an athlete. Sky Diving has a weight restriction – see notes on sky diving activity.

Q4: What is included in the price?

Each package has a detailed itinerary. From the start of your package when we pick you up and until we drop you back off all your activities, accommodation and food costs are covered. Airfare and airport taxes are not included in the price.

Q5: What should I bring on the trip?

You need to bring your own sleeping bag. Tents and sleeping mats are provided but if you prefer to bring your own, please do.

We recommend the following clothing & accessories; hat or cap, sports shoes, comfortable hiking boots, rain coat, fleece or wind jacket, sweater, t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirt, long pants, small backpack, towel, water bottle, swimming shorts, sun cream, sunglasses, lip balm, camera, small multi-use knife, insect repellent, flashlight.

Q6: What is travel and accommodation like?

We travel in comfortable mini-coaches to our activity locations.

Accommodation details are listed in your packages. At the campsite we will sleep in tents. At the rafting site we provide comfortable wooden chalets. The Equestrian Ranch offers comfortable rooms and suites.

Some of our packages provide hotel accommodation where stated. This is 3* Grade. Option to upgrade if preferred.

Q7: What is the weather like?

Serbia has a temperate continental, Mediterranean climate. Most of our activities take place May, June, July, August and September in areas which averages 20 – 23°C with the most daily sunshine hours at 10 in July.

Q8: Can we perform all the activities in bad weather conditions also?

Most activities can be performed in rainy conditions. However, if the weather stops us participating in some activities, we may have to change the schedules. If extreme weather means an activity is cancelled and cannot be re scheduled you will receive a refund equivalent to the cost of the activity.

Q9: What is the food like?

A light continental breakfast is provided, a pack lunch and dinner is a cooked traditional Serbian meal. This is a varied menu and wherever possible we use fresh, local produce. If you have specific dietary requirements, you must let us know before you book and we will do our best to accommodate. Fresh fruit, bottled water and snacks are provided throughout the day.

Q10: Is there a medic or first aid specialist on site?

Safety is our number one concern. A medic is with us at all times, and our instructors are certified to provide first aid.

Q11: How many people are in a group usually?

Our groups range from minimum 8 or 12, to a maximum of 16 to 24, depending on the holiday package. For some packages larger groups can be catered for upon request.

Q11B: Do you allow individual or smaller group numbers?

Yes, some of our packages are open to solo travellers or small groups. Please send an enquiry and we will let you know which dates are available.

Q12: What is the location of the camp?

There are several camp locations, depending on the activity. We have chosen the best locations Serbia and the region have to offer. Although this does mean we have to travel between camps, its well worth the ride.

Locations by activity:

Skydiving (tandem) – Lisičiji Jarak (Serbia)

Urban abseiling – Padinska skela (Serbia)

Urban tactical training – Padinska skela (Serbia)

Cold arms handling – in the vicinity of Niš (Serbia)

Martial Arts – in the vicinity of Niš (Serbia)

Tactical training – in the vicinity of Niš / Valjevo (Serbia)

Survival skills – in the vicinity of Niš (Serbia)

Live ammo shooting – in the vicinity of Požarevac (Serbia)

Horseback riding – in the vicinity of Valjevo (Serbia)

Canyoning – in the vicinity of Foča (Bosnia & Hercegovina / Montenegro)

White water rafting – in the vicinity of Foča (Bosnia & Hercegovina / Montenegro)

Night rafting – in the vicinity of Foča (Bosnia & Hercegovina / Montenegro)

Zip line – in the vicinity of Foča (Bosnia & Hercegovina / Montenegro)

Camping – in the vicinity of Niš (Serbia)

Q13: How safe is Serbia today?

Serbian hospitality has no borders, they are very warm people, known for their good hospitality particularly towards foreign visitors. Belgrade, the Capital of Serbia is often referred to as the friendliest city in the world. The wars, economic sanctions and troubles Serbia faced in the ’90 are far behind, and today it is a democratic country planning on entering the European Union. However, although the crime level is low, people travelling to Serbia should take the same precautions as traveling to any other country, they should always be aware of their surroundings and keep an eye on their belongings.

Q14: Do I need a visa for Serbia?

Before traveling to Serbia please check whether you may need a visa. You can check here:

Q15: Is drinking alcohol allowed?

Alcohol is allowed after completion of all activities for the day. Good discipline is expected at all times whilst enjoying these adventure holidays. Our rules of camp do not allow any unruly behaviour, excessive alcohol or any drugs. If this is disobeyed these participants will not be allowed to continue with the activities and will not have the right to a refund of moneys paid.

Q16: What can I expect on arrival?

Serbian Dinars (RSD) are available from ATMs at the airport. There is an English speaking reception desk for taxis where you can pick up a voucher fixing the price of your cab ride. For central Belgrade the price is fixed at 1800 dinars (approx. 15 euros), one way per taxi. Our longer 6 days packages include meet and greet at the airport. Hotel on arrival and transport from and to the airport are not included in the packages but we can recommend our partners who will organise this for you.

Q17: Are there any limitations to participating in any of the activities?

Night Rafting

Before signing up for night rafting activity please make sure that you have done at least one rafting trip, if one is not already included in our night rafting package.

Equestrian Adventure

Equestrian Adventure is recommended for riders who have experience in cross country hacks.

Less experienced riders can ride in the outdoor paddock or other activities or participate in other activities as an alternative to the cross-country ride.

Sky Diving (tandem)

Your weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) with clothing and sport shoes, must not exceed our maximum safety requirements or you will not be permitted to tandem skydive. These requirements are in place to ensure a safe, but thrilling skydive for both you and our staff.

Ladies: Weight: 90kg/198lbs or less BMI: maximum 27.5

Men: Weight: 100kg/220.5lbs or less BMI: maximum 30.0

We highly recommend checking your weight and BMI before you book with us. You will not be refunded if you make a booking, but your weight and / or BMI are over our requirements.

Occasionally the Sky dive is not available due to adverse weather conditions. If this does happen, we will try to rearrange for another day or offer an alternative activity.

Live ammo shooting

Advanced details of passport required with a minimum of 15 days before participation in order to perform police security check.

Q18: Anything else I should know?

Most activities require an early morning start.

Remember to order a take away breakfast from your hotel. You will need the energy.

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